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Salvage Space within Professionalism

I find myself confronted with complicated situations that involve different people, with different interests working together to achieve a shared vision. At one of these uncomfortable meetings, we coined the term Salvaged Space.

Salvaged space is rooted in the idea that people are more engaged and called to collaborate without the emotional baggage that exists when abusive power plagues organizations. 

All types of relationships can be the inspiration that drives your innovation! The work I do in between meetings is fueled by my reverence for the brilliant diversity of minds who will come in contact with my work, not fear of rejection. I diligently create products, strategies, and programs while imagining the humans that will judge them, use them, repurpose them, and criticize them. To salvage space is to appreciate other people, their presence, and their influence.

Professionalism is an aspect of work, and work is a pillar of culture. Culture sustains our life, families, and communities. With this framing, professionalism to me is all about connection. Not everyone shares this definition, I made it up to suit my mental health and overall wellbeing. How are you centering healthy, life-sustaining standards for connection in how you show up as a professional? 

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