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What is the Hire to Hostile Pipeline?

Interactions in the present can trigger a downward spiral of emotions. In professional spaces, I don't feel imposter syndrome; people in leadership tell me in big and small ways that I am not valued. Even areas that claim to value DEI are perpetuating cultures of exploitation and degradation that are capitalism and racism in action. 

Lately, I've been noticing many Black content creators talking about the hire to the hostile pipeline - whether they use that term or name the cycle - and I am excited to see how our experience's naming helps heal. When I search "Hire to Hostile," it doesn't populate a list of results like other search queries like "hostile work environment," "psychological safety," "tone policing Black Women," or "workplace bullying." The Hire to Hostile Pipeline will begin trickling into Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Times, and all the top publications in our lifetimes. 

I love that Black Women have named my experiences, created flow charts of them, and validated my experiences in a way that empowers me and inspires hope even though I've been in the hire to hostile pipeline a few times. 

I know the present moment is good because I keep seeing Hire to Hostile Pipeline. Going into this weekend, I will celebrate its existence as a change signal. Even if I have to go through negative experiences repeatedly, I know that I'm not alone, and that fills me with peace and gratitude. 

Here is a presentation by Caged Bird HR that was my first spark. 

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